The Bloods

You know what is cool about the Bloods? They don’t just have a backbone for themselves, they have a strong backbone for each other. I have no clue what horrible things gangs are up to today, I haven’t been following that part of journalism.*  But I do know that the Bloods actually have a strict code of ethics in how they treat each other, making it a safe place to belong, if you follow those ethics. I don’t agree with a lot of their core values, all that money and power and bitches and stuff, but I have always admired their backbone.

All of my friends, I want you to know this. If I ever do something  like steal $18,000 dollars from you, or one of ours, you and our whole crew, please, drop me like I’m hot.

Because I know what’s up. To allow foolery would upset the value of our crew. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of a very valuable crew.

*If it is someone’s thing and they want to educate me, that would be really cool!

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